There are a very few trustworthy cryptocurrency hardware wallets in the market. The most popular ones include Trezor, Ledger Nano S and some new players like KeepKey are also offering good features. But, at the end, the deciding point comes down to how many cryptocurrencies does the hardware wallet support. It is always good to diversify your portfolio and to store these different types of coins you need a wallet that supports most number of cryptocoins.

Why use Trezor Wallet?

The first and foremost reason to use Trezor Wallet is the security. A lot of people still store their bitcoin, ethereum and other altcoins in exchanges which is very risky. Keeping your crypto assets in exchanges makes them highly vulnerable to hacks and security breaches. If you are HODLer, we highly recommend you to get a hardware wallet that supports most number of cryptocurrencies.

Trezor is also, the first hardware wallet to be sold commercially. They were also the first ones to use the passphrase feature in their wallet. Setting up a passphrase protects your crypto assets from being stolen even if your device is lost or got into wrong hands.

trezor crypto wallet

Trezor has also been very fast in providing support and updates for their device. They are also about the to launch their new Trezor model T a.k.a. the Trezor 2 which is supposed to offer even more new and advanced features.

Trezor supports a huge list of crypto coins, we have mentioned almost all the popular cryptocurrencies supported by the hardware wallet.

CryptoCurrencies Supported By Trezor

  • Bitcoin*: The MVP of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin must be a huge part of your portfolio if you are a crypto investor. Bitcoin, is the market leader of coins and heavily influences the crypto markets. Trezor was the first hardware wallet to support bitcoin.
  • Ethereum: After bitcoin, it is the second most popular cryptocurrency. There are many other altcoins based on ethereum ERC20 tokens. So, ethereum should also be a major part of your portfolio, as it can also be used to participate in ERC20 based ICOs.
  • Litecoin*: Litecoin is one of my favorite coin personally. The cryptocurrency has huge commercial potential and not much inflated like some other coins. This is also supported by the trezor hardware wallet.
  • DASH*: Dash is also natively supported by the trezor wallet. It is also a good cryptocurrency which is highly backed.
  • Bitcoin Cash(BCH)*:  BCH is a fork of bitcoin. The coin has shown some crazy bull runs in the past and can grow in future. You can HODL this coin in your trezor 2 wallet.
  • ZCash(ZEC)*: ZCash is basically a totally anonymous version of bitcoin and is one the most secure coins. ZEC is based on ZCash protocol. Mining ZEC is also very much profitable at the moment. People are making huge passive income from it.
  • DogeCoin(DOGE): The meme coin which gained immense popularity on the internet because Why not? This coin is also be stored in your Trezor wallet, though we do not recommend you to HODL such cryptocurrency.
  • ERC20 Tokens: There are several new interesting crypto projects which are based on the Ethereum blockchain. Some of the good projects are Golem, OMG etc. Trezor fully supports the ERC 20 tokens.

*The coins are natively supported by Trezor without the use of any third party application.

Apart from these, support for the NEO (Ethereum of China) based NEM tokens are also in works and Trezor 2 will most probably be able to support these tokens natively. Many third-party applications are also in works to make trezor to support NEM tokens.

Trezor Transaction Fee and Price

Trezor charges a small transaction fee on every transaction made from the wallet. Though the company that the fees is used to fund the operations of the Bitcoin network. The price of the Trezor Hardware wallet is €89.

Check out the latest Price!

Trezor Supported Wallets and Apps

Trezor is highly popular cryptocurrency wallet and is supported by a number of software wallets and web apps. Some of the popular clients include,

  • Mycelium(Can also be used t backup your seed phrase)
  • ArcBit(Can also be used t backup your seed phrase)
  • Blockonomics
  • Chrome Plugin
  • Copay (Can also be used t backup your seed phrase)
  • Electrum (Can also be used t backup your seed phrase)
  • Etherwall
  • Sentinel


If you own a good sum of any of the above cryptocurrencies or planning to buy them. We highly recommend you to get the Trezor Wallet. Trezors’ support is continously improving and you’ll be able to store more and more coins in the upcoming future.

If you are interested in buying the Trezor wallet, we recommend you to only buy it from their Official site and not any third party sellers to avoid any kind of security related issues.

In case you are still confused, you can also check out our post about various Hardware and Software wallets available. To check out other available alternatives.



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