Hey You! Thinking to start investing in this Bitcoin thing. Everyone is talking about it and its been growing like crazy in the past. But confused how to start. How to make maximum profits?

These were exactly the questions in my mind when I entered the CryptoCurrency market in early 2017. I made some mistakes in the begining but turned out okay eventually. So, I decided to start The Crypto Sutra, where I write about my journey in the Blockchain world. I want to educate more and more people starting out their Cryptocurrency journey so that they don’t make the same mistakes which I did and achieve their goals much faster.

Crypto Trading starter pack

In this blog I will write about Day trading, when to buy, ICOs, How to guides related to trading, investing in digital currencies and which ICOs should be trusted and every other thing related to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I will also cover everthing you should know about cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges and which ones should you use. Apart from that, I will also talking about the hot coin of the month and the hot ICO of the month.


As a disclaimer i would like to add a few points,

  1. We do not offer any kind of Investment Advice on this website, nor do we recommend you to spend your money anywhere in cryptocurrency market.
  2. This website is not asking you to invest in crypto exchanges.
  3. The website can never be held liable for any losses.
  4. My Experiences are solely my own. I don’t expect anyone to follow any of the trades that I do.

Since we are talking finance here, A disclaimer was highly important.


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