Have you recently started crypto mining? Or want to start mining in the next few days? Well if any of these question answer is yes. Then you are probably in search of some Mining Pools.

Well without a mining pool, it is quite hard to mine currencies like Bitcoin. For a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or litecoin, you will need centuries to generate a block. But if you go with a bitcoin/altcoin mining pool, the process of generating a block gets speeded up.

Hence just to help you out we have handpicked some of the Best Mining Pools of 2018. As you read further in this article, we will be talking about the most profitable mining pools so you can easily go with the best one and start bitcoin farming. 

Before going out there and searching for mining pools, we highly recommend you to first be clear about which cryptocurrency are you going to mine to generate the most profits. One of the coin that I personally like and mine to generate good profit is Zcash. We have even published a complete guide on Zcash mining and rig setup for the same.

Note: You can also use online profit calculators to calculate how profitability. But we recommend you always go with the 3rd to 5th coin in the list, because most people go with the first 2 most profitable coins making it hard to solve the block.

In 2018, its not as easy as it was earlier to generate high passive income from cryptocurrency mining. There are a lot of factors, which can affect your profits while mining. Some of them are Electricity costs, hash rate and taxes on crypto currency in your native country, which is the reason why a lot of exchanges and big mining farms have been moving to countries with zero tax on cryptocurrency.  But there are still many coins, that can offer huge returns in future. For that, we will publish a complete guide listing the Most Profitable Crypto Coins to mine in 2018.

However, before that, let us give you an overview of a mining pool. So the topic will get cleared to you.

What is a Mining Pool?

In simple words, mining pools are basically a group of crypto miners. The group members usually work together to reduce their expenses to mine a cryptocurrency. The group members use their mining hardware’s hash power to mine a currency, and in the end, the earning gets split between the members equally. This way, the mining pool members can easily mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in a fast way. Also, a miner can easily reduce the mining expenses.

Most Profitable mining pools

Well, that was a small definition of the mining pool. Now let’s just look at some of the Best Mining Pools of 2018.

Best High Profit Mining Pools of 2018:


At first, we have the AntPool. It is one of the largest bitcoin mining pool which is based in China. The platform operated by the bitcoin hardware manufacturer company known as Bitmain Technologies.

Getting started with AntPool is also an easy task. Just go and sign up on the website without paying any fee. However, a bitcoin mining hardware is necessary. Also, you have to download a mining software which you will get after creating an account.

The Mining pool website also has an easy to understand user interface. Over here you will get to see your payment history, mining hash rates and so on.

Talking about the fees, well Antpool allows you to use a different kind of mine options. Such as a peer to peer solo mine with your own hardware. For this, you have to pay 1% fee. You can also choose the PPLNS this has 0% fee. Or go with the PPS which has a fee of 2.5%. However, Antpool has not disclosed the transaction fees.

In the end, Antpool is overall a great Mining pool that has quite a lot of security checking to secure your crypto assets. Also, it is user friendly.

BTCC Pool:

BTCC Pool is another Chinese pool which is used by quite a lot of people around the globe. The pool was launched in 2014, and it is a bitcoin based company which runs a Bitcoin exchange platform.

The mining pool also offers an official account to the miners which is called WeChat. Using the WeChat, the miners can get detailed information related to hash power, pool hash power, payment histories and so on.

Talking about the fees, The site operates on PPS model which charges 2% as a fee. Also, you can use the FPPS model by 1% mining fee.

The mining pool also offers 12.5 BTC as a reward which equally gets distributed to the bitcoin mining group members. Overall you can say that the mining pool has transparent transaction fees also comes with lots of security authentications.

Slush Pool:

Slush pool is also one of the best mining pool of 2018. Even it is the first bitcoin mining pool which was launched in 2010. The site also got its first blockchain in 2012, and over the times there are more than 15000 blocks were generated.

The slush pool mining pool is run by Satoshi labs a Czech based company. Talking about the fess, well the website has a standard transaction fee of 2%. The threshold of the mining pool is 0.0002BTC. Also, it releases the payment on a regular basis. For example, when you hit the threshold limit, the website will automatically release the payment.

Talking about the security factors, well Slush pool comes with 2FA or two factor authentication. Hence, as a result, it locks the wallet address along with a read only login token. This helps in protecting a user’s details and mined Bitcoins.


F2Pool is another largest Chinese Bitcoin pool, which was launched in the year of 2013. In the world of bitcoin, the website is known as the “Discus Fish mining pool.”

Using the website, you will be able to mine cryptocoins like bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum, and Zcash. However, the website has only con which is the hash power. The website uses the stratum mining protocol and vardiff hence it lacks in hash power.

Overall the website has a clean user interface, and all the texts are written in English. This makes it easy for the non-Chinese speakers to understand about the website.

Coming to the fees and payment section. Well, the F2Pool uses the PPS reward system. As a result, the mining fees over here is 4% this is quite high when compared to the other websites. However, the website does offer every day withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal limit is 0.001 BTC.

Also, the website has some strick security rules. Like you can not change your email address and has a Bitcoin wallet lock feature.


In the end, we have Bixin, this is also one of the highly profitable mining pool of 2018 even one of the largest mining pool. Bixin usually offers the users crypto wallets. Furthermore, the website has an easy to use interface.

However, the fee on this website is little high when compared to the websites. The website uses PPS model and has a fee of 4%. The good thing about the site is that the payouts are easy and fast.

Even the website is secured against DDoS attacks. So make sure you are having a look at this website as well.

Well, those were some of the Most profitable Mining Pools of 2018. Now go ahead and check these websites out and see which one is working the best for you. Also for any questions, you can comment below.


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