Ever stuck on an exchange where you cannot exchange your bitcoin with your desired altcoins. Changelly is a service that lets users buy crypto coins directly from FIAT using Credit/Debit Card. And, exchange bitcoin with ripple, ethereum or any other altcoins.

Changelly is hassle free and easy to use platform that anyone can use easily without even knowing any technical details. The best thing about it is that, Changelly allows users to buy crypto currencies directly with their credit cards. In this post we will guide you on How to use Changelly and provide an honest review of the service.

The exchange offers a wide variety of altcoins with which you can exchange your crypto assets. That too on a minimal fee of 0.5%. Changelly is a highly trusted platform with thousands of users, so it can be said that it is safe to buy bitcoin on changelly. Now, let us help you on the complete process on how you can get buy any altcoin directly with your credit card.

What is Changelly and Is it Trustworthy?

The first question that comes to your mind whenever you are about to put your hard earned is that, Should I trust this thing?,  Is it safe? . Changelly is an online platform where you can exchange BTC, BCH or ETH (which can be bought directly using FIAT) to various altcoins available on the platform.

It is a very simple and easy to use platform. Changelly is gaining high trust and has become number one choice of users, leaving behind its competitors like ShapeShift.

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How to Use Changelly

If you want to exchange your bitcoin to any other Altcoin, firstly you must have wallet of both the crypto currencies, for example if you want to exchange Bitcoin with ripple on changelly, you must have a bitcoin wallet and a ripple wallet already. For getting a wallet, we recommend you to use Coinbase.

Now, after you have your wallets ready, go to this page Changelly.com and click on Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card . It will take you to the payments page where you can buy BTC(Bitcoin), BCH(Bitcoin Cash) and ETH(Ethereum) which will be added to your respective wallet addresses, once you make the payment.

So, you have your bitcoin now. But what if you want to exchange it LTC(Litecoin) or any other altcoin like DASH or (STR)Stellar. Go to the main page on Changelly, and enter the amount of bitcoin that you want to exchange. From the second dropdown select the altcoin you want to exchange your bitcoin with. The site will immediately show you the volume of altcoin that you will receive.

Click on the exchange button. The page will show you transaction details, like the the estimated time required for the transaction, the fee you will charged for the transaction.

After this you’ve to provide the wallet address in which you want to receive the altcoin that you’re receiving. If you don’t have a wallet address yet, we recommend you to use Coinbase or Binance to get an address. Most of these exchanges easily provide a wallet address, all you have to do is sign up and click on the altcoin that you are exchanging on Changelly. Then, click on deposit and you will get your wallet address.

Enter this deposit address in the page, as shown below. Click on next, it will you all the confirmed details of your transaction.

The last step will give you a BTC wallet address in which you have to send the required BTC which we bought earlier using our credit card in the step one. Make sure, you send exactly the same amount of BTC as its mentioned in your transaction. After you’ve sent the BTC to the given address, the exchanged altcoin will be credited to your provided wallet address. This can be seen in the exchange wallet on which you registered.

What we liked about Changelly?

Overall it is a very reliable and easy to use platform to exchange crypto currencies and a few things that we liked about it are,

  • You can buy crypto currencies directly using credit card on Changelly.
  • The exchange fee is just 0.5% which is great for a trust worthy platform like this.
  • Various altcoins are available for exchange, some of which are not easy to get your hands on otherwise.
  • Great customer support and interactive platform where you can easily keep track of your transactions.
  • Also, they do not store any crypto currencies hence making it safer and less prone to any hacks.

Changelly is must try if you are looking for a crypto currency exchange service. I have even personally tried their customer support and they are very helpful.


Even after trying, we could not find much cons in the platform. Though, one thing that can be improved is the BTC price when buying using Credit card is a little expensive than some other services. But, we cannot complain much as they are allowing us to directly exchange and is more trustworthy than other platforms.

Conclusion: Is Changelly a scam or Legit?

At the end, we can clearly assure you that Changelly is a very useful service with a trust score and is totally legit. We would recommend this service over its competitors like Shapeshift because of its ease to use and better customer support. This was our honest review for this service.

In case you have any questions regarding how to use changelly, or how to exchange crypto currencies on it, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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