Management of Bitcoin transactions happen on a public ledger, also known as blockchain and adding the transaction records to this ledger is known as mining. The blockchain then confirms the operations with the rest of the network as and when they take place. Approval of Each transaction happens in a trustful manner which ensures that the block adds up automatically after due computational power exercised. The process is known as mining, and only after that, any new block is given the existential identity.

A typical mining process includes:

  1. Verifying the validity of the transaction.
  2. Bundling the transactions in a new block.
  3. Selecting the header of the recent block and use it as a Hash in the new block
  4. Solving the proof of the work problem.
  5. As soon as the solution is derived, the new block is added to the blockchain and presented to the network.


To successfully mine, you need many tools. If you are a beginner, mining bitcoins can be a tough job to crack. But, if you have access to an efficient mining tool that is easy to setup and operates, the process simplifies. CCMiner is one such mining tool. It is an open source project for CUDA compatible GPUs (nVidia). This tool is compatible with both platforms- Windows as well as Linux.

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CCMiner supports many algorithms including X11, X13, Quark, Lyra2REv2, etc., this feature makes it compatible to mine a variety of coins that operate using different algorithms. Every time you are using it to mine a different currency, you have restart CCMiner and start fresh.

How to download CCMiner?

Mining with CCMiner is easy, but you need to prepare your PC for the job. Besides, having the right wallet for your currency, you also need to check the version of CCMiner to use. There are many versions available online that work perfectly with AMD and a few that work with NVidia. The version you are trying to use should match your hardware. Here is a step by step process how you can download and install CCMiner:

Downloading Nvidia Driver:

Log in to a terminal and check for updates, install Nvidia driver:

“git clone”


“export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/cuda-8.0/lib”,

“export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/cuda-8.0/bin” and

“echo ‘export PATH=/usr/local/cuda-8.0/bin:$PATH’ >> ~/.bashrc”

“./” and “./configure”

You have completed the first step of the process and now possess the hardware to start mining.

Installing CCMiner:

Step 1:

To start with, open a terminal. For this, you need to either hit the Windows key on your keyboard or click on the Windows sign on the bottom left corner of your PC screen and type terminal. Here click on the app.

Start with: run “sudo apt install Autoconf”, here you can check if you have the latest version of Nvidia drivers installed on your PC.

Step 2:

Select a destination where you would like to save the downloaded file. Let us pick Desktop for this job. Type “cd Desktop” in the terminal and press enter. Create a folder at the destination to save the files. For this, type “mkdirtpruvot”. The command Mkdir will make a folder while tpruvot will be the name of the distribution that we will be using. Access the new folder by typing “cd tpruvot”.

Step 3:

In this step we will download CCMiner. To download the real CCMiner, it is important to download git. Type “sudo apt install git” in the terminal. You can now download the miner by typing “git clone”. You will need to export a few things into the new folder:


“export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/cuda-8.0/lib”,

“export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/cuda-8.0/bin” and

“echo ‘export PATH=/usr/local/cuda-8.0/bin:$PATH’ >> ~/.bashrc”

Step 4:

You are now all set to start the configuration of CCMiner. To start the configuration process ./” and “./configure”.

If “./” if there is any prompt, you will have to allow the miner to configure by giving permissions. Type “./ m4_pattern_allow”. From here run “make” or “./”

If you face any issue, you can try:

“sudo apt install libcurl4-openssl-dev”

“sudo apt install OpenSSL”

“sudo apt install libssl-dev”

CCMiner will be successfully configured on your system.

Just close all the windows and clear your workspace now you are good to start mining using CCMiner.

What to mine for highest profits?

CCMiner allows you to mine a variety of coins if not all. You need to check compatibility of a coin to mine, keeping in mind your expenditure and GPU affordability. It will help you mine while generating maximum profits.

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You can use different commands to mine a coin for example, “ccminer -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p x” Through this command you can mine karbowanec witch.


Mining is an excellent trade for profitability if you know how to do it right. You will need to install a compatible wallet for each type of coin. In case you face any bug, you can eliminate it by adding “sudo” before the command. It will run the command as a superuser.



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