Buy Best Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware in India: We must all admit by now that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and the so-called bubble is not going burst anytime soon. Considering this, mining cryptocurrencies which seems a great investment for future. Mining will help you generate passive income while you have to do nothing.

All you have to do is, set up a Mining Rig and to mine the crypto currency that you believe is going to offer the highest returns and then just sit back and relax while your Mining Hardware works for you. But, the most important decision here is, what hardware you should use? Which GPU gives the best hashrates? Whether to use ASIC Miners or not?

How to choose the Best Mining Hardware for Highest Returns

These days mining is not as easy as it was earlier. Mining coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum are no more profitable for domestic miners in India as it used to be. You have to select your coin very carefully. Considering a lot of factors like electricity cost in India, GPU hash rate, cooling systems depending on surrounding temperature. There are a lot of online profit calculators for finding the highest profit generating coin at the moment. It keeps on changing depending on the market price, DAG and various other factors.

We recommend you to never go with the number 1 coin on any online profit calculator sites. For example, if its Litecoin on the top, go with the number 3 or 4 which could be any other like ZCash, Monero (XMR). Most of the people go with the number 1 coin which results in increasing the difficulty level of the block.

Though you should make your investments very wisely. You can always resell your mining gear. The resale value of these types of equipment is good in the Indian as well as worldwide markets.

Best Mining Rig Setup For India

GPU with the highest Hash rates

GPUs play the most important role in mining cryptocurrencies. The higher the GPU hash rate, the more the profit. We suggest you spend a huge share of your total investments on the GPU.

The Top 3 GPUs for Mining Available in India are,


                                          Check Latest Price for This!

Gigabyte asorus

Check Latest Price for Gigabyte Aorus

Zotac GTX 1060Mini

                            Check Latest Price for Zotac GTX 1060 Mini



You can go with either 4GB or 8GB RAM depending on your budget. Some of the best picks include.



A fairly affordable SSD will also work. You can buy any one of these.



The best processors for mining that you could buy in India are listed below. Most of the times, you need not to spend much money on the processors for your mining rigs. But there are some specific coins which require high end CPUs too. For now, the best picks are.


Power Supply

A good power supply hardware is also necessary for protect your rig from voltage fluctuations and power outages. You can choose from any of the below options.



If you are serious about mining, you can invest in the above mentioned gear to buy mining hardware in India and get that passive income stream flowing. You can also join our private Mastermind facebook group where like minded experts share all their tips and secrets about the latest mining techniques and other crypto trends.

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