With the types of scams and hacks spreading like crazy in the crypto space. We as crypto investors/ enthusiasts have to be more careful to avoid being scammed. The two most common traps which people are falling for these days are Cryptojacking attacks and phishing scams. In this article, we will showcase the most useful security tools that a cryptocurrency enthusiast must use while browsing through crypto websites.

Prevent Websites from Mining Cryptocoins Using Your Computer

Cryptojacking is the latest way for internet thieves to make money using your personal computing power and slowing down your machines. Hackers are placing crypto mining malware in sites, networks, and various possible devices. Any web page you are browsing can now include a javascript which could be secretly mining cryptocurrencies using your computers processing power without your permission. This could be a serious threat to your system and even your personal information. To prevent, websites from manipulating your computer to mine crypto currencies for them, we have prepared a list of best crypto miner blocker browser extensions.

cryptojacking hacking

Signs to find out if a site is secretly using Crypto Mining Malware

With cryptojacking becoming more and more stealthier. We need to be prepared because the damages it causes are much real if not immediate. It can drive up your electricity bill, cause your computer to slow down and even compromise with your personal data.

The easiest sign that you can spot when a site is using a cryptojacking script is by checking the CPU usage stats. If there is a sudden hike in the CPU usage whenever you log on to a particular site. There is a very high chance that you might be becoming a victim of crypto mining malware from that website. Some torrent websites have even openly come out about it and admitted openly that they will be using cryptojacking to keep the site running and maintain the revenue stream.

Best Extensions to Stop Crypto Mining in Web Browsers

You might see hundreds of extensions listed on the chrome web store which claim to prevent unwanted crypto mining on your computers. But only a few actually work. We have tested out and listed the best extensions that can be used to prevent any type of mining malware from attacking your computer.

No Coin Chrome extension

No Coin is a free open source chrome extension which is very simple to install and use. It is a very widely used extension and does what it says. It is highly recommended for all the internet users to protect your computers from cryptojacking scripts.

no coin miner blocker

You can install the extension from this link. After installing the extension, whenever you visit a new website that is using any mining script. No Coin extension will show a red sign. Also, you can whitelist the sites in case you want to continue browsing those sites.

Crypto Miner Blocker Chrome Extension

This a very small and lightweight extension for chrome browser. Without putting much load on your browser, this small 80kb extension will stop all the known mining scripts from hijacking your computer systems.

MinerBlock Chrome Extension

If you are an advanced user who frequently visits high risk sites which might infect your browser with mining malware. We recommend you to use the MinerBlock extension. This extension will prevent you from inline mining scripts along with other complex ways like mining using proxies.


MinerBlock is one of the best extensions available to prevent cryptojacking and we highly recommend our readers to use it.

NoMining Chrome Extension

Another simple chrome extension to choose from. It is also a simple lightweight extensions that blocks almost all known mining scripts and also let’s you whitelist sites.

NoScripts In FireFox

NoScripts can be used in Firefox browser. It is an extension that blocks all javascripts. Which is why a lot of websites might not work properly while you are using this extension. Use the NoScripts extension in case you want to very cautious or trying to visit high risk webpages.

Best Security Extensions to Detect Crypto Phishing Sites

Apart from mining scripts, there are a lot of scams going on in the crypto industry. To stay safe from phishing sites and scams, you should only use trusted crypto sites and even while using those sites, recheck the urls. For this task, you can use the following chrome extensions which lets you know whether the website you are using is trusted or not.

CryptoNite by MetaCert

MetaCert has provided us with a lot of great software products in the crypto space. CryptoNite is an awesome plugin which lets you know that the version of the website you are visiting is the official one or a fake phishing site. It turns green if the site url is a verified one and red in case there is something wrong with the url.

cryptonite prevents phishing

Due to rise in the crypto scams, we highly recommend you this plugin if you are crypto investor or regularly visit cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet sites.

Trusted Crypto Site Indicator

trusted crypto site indiactor

Another lightweight plugin is the Trusted Crypto site Indicator. It is available in both chrome and firefox browser. This simple extension shows a green square at the top right corner for trusted sites and red square for dangerous ones.


So, if you regularly surf crypto related websites. We will highly recommend you to use the above browser extensions according to your needs. We will try to keep the list updated for more new security tools to prevent you from all the scams in the crypto space.

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