The crypto world is a rapidly expanding market with an increased number of options to invest in each day. One thing which can take a lot of your time and even is the main reason for your net profits or losses is how you manage your cryptocurrency portfolio.

There are a number of ways you can track your crypto portfolio. Some people, prefer tracking manually using excel sheets or hard paper. While others use apps and software for the same. We are not saying that one method is superior to the other. But there are some investment management android and ios apps which can help you make some very profitable decisions. Because, at the end of the day data matters. The more relevant data you have at the correct timings, the more you can profit.

For making correct investment decisions you need,

  • Trusted statistics and price comparisons.
  • Price analysis.
  • Net profit calculation, to decide when to check out.
  • Frequent price updates for high fluctuations in crypto market.
  • Big news announcement updates to make the first bid at high-profit coins.

We, at The Crypto Sutra have aggregated a list of best android and iOS apps using which, you can easily track your cryptocurrency portfolio easily on your Android and iOS mobile phones.

Best Apps to Manage Your Crypto Portfolio

While making your next investment decision. Using the data correctly can be a huge game changer. Using the following apps on your phone can help you make quicker decisions and more importantly correct ones.

But it can also be confusing, which apps should you trust and which can offer you best information the quickest. We have listed below some of the best apps which you can install right now and start managing your portfolio in a better way.

Delta Portfolio Tracker App

Delta is the best mobile application when it comes to crypto portfolio tracker. It is very easy to use and yet highly effective and giving regular price updates, calculating profits, for when you want to book some profits. You can also set reminders, for when the price falls or rises over a certain price point.

delta app

Sometimes, even keeping track of all your investments can be difficult. Due to so many exchanges, and even more crypto coins. The Delta app lets you select from a wide range of popular crypto exchanges to keep track on which exchange have you bought that coin.


Blockfolio is one of the earliest players in the portfolio tracker apps segment. It has pretty simple and neat design and offers various features like price reminders, regular price updates. It is the first app that I used to track my own portfolio, and I still recommend it till date. The neat design helps you compare your biggest winning investments and rank them in decreasing order.


You can filter out the bad investments and invest more in highly profitable coins according to real time data.

ACrypto Android App

ACrypto is a great app if you want to be the first one to know about market influencing news and updates from the crypto world. This app let’s you track your portfolio, provides latest news and updates from crypto world and also provides advanced charts and price stats.Acrypto is great app for people who are interested in crypto arbitrage,(Buying and selling simoultaneously on different exchanges with price differences) the app lets you know about the price differences in various popular exchanges so you don’t miss an opportunity to make a profit.

acrypto portfolio tracker and news


CoinCap is yet another portfolio tracker app with nice features. The app has simple and easy UI and let’s you track your portfolio, change base currency and even set reminders for specific price drops and hikes. The regular push notifications according to your preferences, helps avoid unwanted notifications and at the same time help you prevent losses.


These are some of the best portfolio apps on the market. Each one has some speciality, which we have listed out for you. So, you can easily choose the best Cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app which suits you the best and fits your requirements.

Share this post with your trader friends and let them know how important it is to track your portfolio and how much more profits can you gain by using these apps.

In case there is some other awesome Cryptocurrency app for ios or Android, that we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments section and we will make sure to update our post comparing that app with others available in the market.


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