How to Become a Bitcoin Expert?

Want to be one of those Crypto Guru’s. The secret is has been revealed. Today we will share the secret Mantras using which you can become The Ultimate Crypto Guru of your gang!


Just tell your crypto friends to HODL, which basically means Hold on for dear life. Anyone who says this is automatically considered to be smart and a crypto guru already.

Buy The Dip

Tell everyone to buy the dip. Whenever there is FUD in the market, or prices are going down. Just keep calm and tell everyone you’re gonna buy the dip.


When someone asks you, how much are you holding. Tell them, enough to buy a Lambo. Crytpo Gurus’ calculate their holdings in terms of LAMBOs.

Blockchain Is The Future

Let everyone know, even if they don’t wanna know. How the blockchain technology is like the re-invention of the wheel and how its going to change the world. Everyone will start considering you a Crypto Guru.


In case you are clueless about what the next person is asking about or unsure how to answer them. Simply say DYOR and you can get away from any situation and will still be considered smart. DYOR means Do Your Own Research. It is also good to say DYOR at the end of every other suggestion you give to anyone, just so they can’t blame you in case anything goes wrong 😉

Bitcoin will hit $1Million in 2020

Show your friends, some random graphs with weird shapes in it and tell them, how BTC is going to be worth $1 Million by 2020.


Note: This is just a lighthearted take on common crypto slangs and sayings. We do not suggest anyone to take any investment related advice from either this website or any of your Crypto Guru friends.


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