Blockchain is still a young technology which will see many unexpected implementations in future. The concept of decentralization can be used to solve various problems in endless ways. The question arises, who will be the ones to solve the problems of centralized world in the most efficient way.

Arweave is a very interesting crypto startup that aims to, build an ever expanding and highly scalable internet archive. The current data farms are very expensive and high maintenance to run. Arweave is implemented on an evolved blockchain, which they call as the blockweave, read their whitepaper.

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The UK based crypto startup is founded by Sam Williams.We at, The Crypto Sutra got a chance to do an interview with the CEO of this young crypto startup to know how small companies are struggling in crypto space and what challenges they are facing.

Arweave interview

Who are you and what is your vision?

I’m Sam Williams, I’m the CEO of Arweave. I’m a PhD candidate in computer science previously researching distributed operating systems. At Arweave we are attempting to build a permanent data storage system on a modified kind of blockchain we have created, known as a blockweave. We intend to use this data storage network to build a permanent archive of human knowledge and history.

Why did you start this Arweave, what problem are you solving?

The Arweave has a philanthropic aim as well as a commercial aim. We would like to make it impossible for authoritarian governments to redact and control their population’s understanding of human history. As is often said, those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.
From a commercial angle, we are offering the Arweave to developers as a platform for a new kind of decentralised application: one that focuses on decentralising permanent data storage, rather than computation. This model for dApps allows developers to build applications very quickly and simply in the programming language of their choice, while retaining most advantages of traditional decentralised apps.

What are the difficulties that you are facing as a crypto startup?

The crypto space has been very crowded over the past year, so it has been challenging to get the message out about a truly innovative platform and approach. Although this has been difficult, our persistence appears to be paying off, as new users discover the project every day.

Is this the first company that you have been part of? If not, how is a crypto company different than other traditional startups?

This is not our first rodeo! I have been building web applications with members of our current team for many years. Everything from personal analytics systems to new music discovery services. As we are building a new blockweave platform from scratch, the volume of infrastructure programming required has been significantly higher than with traditional web application development. Further, a wide security audit of the project is absolutely essential before a crypto project can go live.
One of my favourite parts about running a crypto startup, however, is that all of the code and intellectual property is open source, free for anyone to modify, improve, and contribute to.
                                                                                  -Sam Williams
Working with and growing our community has been one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of the process so far.
 Arweave CEO

Why do you believe in blockchain?

I love the mission of decentralization of power and control structures that many blockchain projects pursue. I am sincerely hopeful that these decentralized systems will provide a way of avoiding the pitfalls of corruption that societies so often fall victim to.

Where do you see Arweave in an year, Your Roadmap?

In a year’s time we expect the first volumes of the Journal of Raw Data, a new scientific publication built on the Arweave, will have been released, as well as the launch of a decentralised social media platform. We expect that other community-driven applications will have been published and will be up and running on the Arweave. We certainly look forward to seeing what applications the community builds in the coming year, and are especially excited to see who will win the Arweave application development competition!


Arweave, is a great effort by Sam and team. Despite of being in a very competitive space, they have brought something unique to survive in this crowded data management market.  We wish the team all the very best, and encourage more and more people to step in the crypto revolution, to shape the future of Internet, technology and the world as we know it.

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