Augumented reality is one the most exciting space among the emerging technologies. Though there are a lot of companies providing AR applications. There was none which is looking at the bigger picture of AR  implementation.

Arcona, a very optimistic project is aiming to build a cross-platform AR application on which users will be able to buy and design their own digital land. Arcona call it as the mixed reality, which has endless possibilities and can be used for personal as well as commercial purposes.

We at The Crypto Sutra, recently had a chance to interact with the team of Arcona. We came to know more about the company and their future plans. Keep reading to find out what exactly is the team upto.

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Q1. Who are you guys and what is your vision?

The Arcona AR Ecosystem is being developed by a professional team – Piligrim XXI. We have 5 years of experience in developing AR solutions, and Arcona is the natural extension of our passion and experience in AR. Piligrim XXI has been working in the AR development market since 2013, enhancing tourism experience by providing an opportunity to time travel, to see how different historical places and events looked like in the bygone eras. In 2014, we launched the world’s first outdoor augmented reality park. Currently, 8 augmented reality parks have been sold and are operating in 6 European countries.

We have our computer vision prototype as an independent platform for AR. Since 2015, we have made significant investments in the research of distributed GIS, augmented reality technologies, 3D simulation, computer vision and artificial intelligence.


Our vision: Arcona platform will generate the AR layer of the entire surface of the planet and will become the industry standard. Our company aims to bring augmented reality to the masses and create the biggest AR community in the world.

Our mission is to develop augmented reality (AR) technologies that enhance and bring new experience to people.


Q2. Why did you start Arcona, what problem are you solving?

We are solving the problem that will appear in the nearest future.
There is no single technological solution for users to easily interact with augmented reality in the real world in the everyday life.
Problem: Indoor AR projects are easy to build, but outdoor AR projects present a challenge, as developers must travel to the location in order to build it, which significantly increases expenses.

Solution: With Arcona tools you can accurately and remotely place augmented reality objects in a changing environment. No GPS – we use real-world objects as markers.


Problem: There are more than 10 AR platforms, each supporting just one specific AR-enabled device: only smartphones, only smart glasses, only AR headsets, only iPhones, only Android phones, etc. The market is entirely atomized, and a universal, cross-device ecosystem is necessary in order to make fluid interaction between AR content developers, AR apps, content, and end users possible.

Solution: Arcona is a cross-platform solution and supports any device. We provide a shared experience and simultaneous use of devices. Users will be able to see and interact with virtual objects in real-world locations simultaneously and through different gadgets. We bring together developers and users, businesses and customers, and, most importantly, we erase borders between countries. Our decentralized system will operate on every continent and give all participants of the ecosystem equal opportunities.


Q3. What are the difficulties that Arcona is facing as a startup?

As all startups, we have some difficulties in bringing our ideas to the masses, we need to convince people that our technology will solve the problems that will appear in the nearest future when AR headsets will be on the mass market.

Q4. Is this the first company that you have been part of? If not, how is a crypto company different than other traditional startups?

Arcona’s founders have the experience in leading different companies in various industries and we are working together already more than 10 years.

Q5. Why do you believe in blockchain?

Thanks to blockchain we will build the biggest AR community in the world based on decentralization and P2P economy.  Blockchain is changing the perception of the world and is creating the new model of communication between the people making it more transparent and understandable – this is the only way to bring all the people together in one ecosystem.

Q6. Where do you see Arcona in a year, a brief Roadmap?

We will launch a marketplace where you can sell or rent Digital Land, moreover, you can give a task to a 3D content designer and he/she will create it for you if you don’t have any programming skills.

Development kit: open source library-based tools for developers and 3D artists designed to create personal assets for Arcona users.

The AR Grid positioning system will be introduced in 10 world’s largest cities. A total area of 1,500 km2 of Digital Land will be up for sale.

arcona ico

Participating in the Arcona ICO

Arcona’s is ICO live now and it will last until the 15th of May 2018. Also, we are holding a daily ruffle – every ICO’s participant is getting a chance to win a plot of Digital Land in the most well-known places of 10 world’s most popular cities for free!



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